Poor Kid LS Swap Kit for 82-92 F-Body
Poor Kid LS Swap Kit for 82-92 F-Body

Poor Kid LS Swap Kit for 82-92 F-Body

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So you've been rocking out to Van Halen with the t-tops out, letting your mullet flow free since 1988, when you were king of the trailer park, and you spell the word love "I-R-O-C", when all of a sudden a 2015 v6 mustang blows the doors off your 80's crap box.  Try as you might, you wring that little thirdgen all the way to 6000 rpm when Gabriel blows his horn and calls home all 8 connecting rods in your TeePeeEye treefitty.  
We at Walter Racecraft like to think of this as an opportunity.  An opportunity to leave 30 year old technology behind, take a big leap of faith into the 21st century and LS swap your fantastic mullet-mobile. 
So you source out a 5.3 or a 6.0 from your wife's uncle's 2005 retired fertilizer truck and realize that yes, this is the engine you want, and opens up the doors for all sorts of opportunities, but alas, it really just isn't quite a good fit....YET!
Step into a Walter Racecraft poor kid swap kit!  This is the bare essentials, the absolute must-haves if you want to put a gen 3 or gen 4 LS truck engine into your trailer park ferrari.  here's what you get:
-98-02 fbody oil pan and pickup tube
-Engine mount adapter plates made by our good friends at ICT Billet.  these allow you to use your factory gen 1 sbc mounts on your LS engine. 
-Accessory brackets for using truck accessories (water pump, balancer, alternator, and PS pump) in an f-body layout so it fits under the factory hood.  As amazing as a good ole "cow induction scoop" looks on your ride, plenty folks like a factory flat hood for that original sleeper look. 
The price includes shipping to lower 48.  We also have headers and A/C compressor brackets available that work with this kit, just message us about those options as well.